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WINK enables developer to produce mega-pixel image applications and offers functions of rapidly editing and storing various standard formatted images with a small working memory.

Recently mobile devices equipped with camera provide function of editing variously mega-pixel images that user creates.

WINK SDK provides convenient interface and enables developer to quickly and easily produce powerful and excellent image editing applications. This WINK consists of JPEG Pre-viewer, Image Pre-viewer and Image Editor.

JPEG Pre-viewer can process mega pixel images with a very small working memory and 10 times faster speed than normal JPEG Codec in mobile devices, which enables users to take more user space and enjoy high-resolution photography applications with a mobile device while performing multitasking.

Image Pre-viewer can decode BMP / WBMP/ GIF / PNG images with a high speed, which supports kinds of display type and enables user to take advantage of alpha blending in BMP/WBMP/GIF/AGIF.

JPEG Image Pre-viewer can not only decode mega pixel images with a rapid speed can but also provide supplementary functions of zooming, panning, image rotating while minimizing degradation of image quality to device deviations.

With function of editing in WINK, device manufacturer can differentiate its products by enabling user to quickly edit various kinds of mega-pixel images with fifty (50) filters. In addition, these editing functions can be executed in the accumulated mode which results in performing hundreds of image effects. We continue to develop new filters that create amazing effects and we are sure that WINK will be the best choice for reducing unit costs and time to market.
Supporting kinds of standard image formats.
- Decoders : (W)BMP, PNG, (A)GIF, JPEG
- Encoder : JPEG

Offering various decoding functions
- Small Size Thumbnail Decoding
- Zooming, Panning
- Image Rotation
- Iteration Decoding
- Dithering for RGB565 LCD Display
- Mini Map Function

High speed processing time
- JPEG : 10 times faster than open source
- PNG : Up to 5 times faster than open source

Using small working memory
- Supporting input image file streaming

Editing mega-pixel images quickly and splendidly
- Offering editing functions of Resize, Crop, Rotation, etc. along with fifty(50) filters including Blur,
      Bright, Cartoon, Swirl

- Offering hundreds of effects in case of applying accumulated mode
- Easily developing additional filters.
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