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Qphoto is an image viewer engine that efficiently and quickly displays many high-resolution    images

- Loads full sized images quickly
- Efficiently generates and compresses high-quality thumbnails of various sizes
- Supports fast flicking(sliding) animation without a black and loading screen
- Supports fast zoom in/out for high resolution images
- Uses memory reuse techniques for efficient memory managing
- Uses multi-threading techniques for efficient image processing
- Provides high FPS for smooth animation
- Controls animation speed by predicting user input speed
- Uses patent pending technologies

   Improve End-user experience
- Fast Image viewing, Smooth animation
   Improve image viewer performance

- Sliding (Qphoto vs Apple)

- Zooming (Qphoto vs Apple)

- GridView (Qphoto vs Gallery)

- Sliding (Qphoto vs Gallery)

- Zooming (Qphoto vs Gallery)

Where to use
   Image Viewer service and software
- Image Viewer, Image Album, Image Gallery etc.
   Satellite map and street & road viewer
   Cloud image viewer application & service
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